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  • Oil Change Ann Arbor

    When you need an oil change, Ann Arbor professionals from Briarwood Auto Care promptly address your immediate car maintenance needs quickly and efficiently. We also take great pride in providing our community with the high quality customer experience they’ve come to expect. With the right professional equipment, we can take care of your needs within minutes.

    Oil changes are one of the most common of all car maintenance needs. Most cars and trucks require one every 6,000 miles. If you prefer to use a synthetic brand, you might not need to change it until you’ve driven up to 10,000 miles! Our mechanics know that every car and every driver is different, so bring your car down to our garage periodically for inspections. Long road trips, harsh winter weather, and other driving conditions could expedite the need for a change.

    When you bring your car or truck down for an oil change, Ann Arbor staff from our team will work hard to ensure that your appointment goes quickly and smoothly. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the industry. We also welcome our customers to talk about their particular driving habits so we can ensure that we help you choose the best possible type of product for your car and driving preferences. With 14 different brands and grades of oil, you can always be sure you’re getting the most appropriate product for your vehicle.

    So, next time your maintenance light flashes on your dashboard or you just want to make sure that your car or truck is running at optimal performance, drive down for an oil change. Ann Arbor drivers can our team of licensed and insured mechanics. As a family owned business since 1999, we proudly serve our community with the level of service they deserve. Call or stop by today to speak with a technician from our team.

    Oil Change Pricing:
    Checking everything with no touch inspection: $40.00
    Wheel front alignment: $79.99

    We have special discounted pricing certains days of the week. Ask Whitney for information.
    Prices may vary in unique circumstances or rare models or frozen bolts.