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  • Towing Ann Arbor

    Briarwood Auto provides Michigan roadside assistance for cars, trucks, busses, recreational vehicles, and motorcycles. Our services include lockouts, jump starts, flat tires, stuck calls and towing. Our roadside services are primarily completed by our light and medium duty tow trucks, as well as our service van. Our towing capabilities are extensive. We specialize in heavy duty towing and can safely tow your car, truck, bus, recreational vehicle or motorcycle using our fleet of tow trucks and flatbed trucks. We tow to and from the locations most convenient for our customers, and we have extensive experience with luxury and other special vehicles.

    When your car requires towing, Ann Arbor professionals at Briarwood Auto Care and Towing are ready to help! It can be overwhelming to know that you require help getting your car, truck, or van to a local mechanic quickly. Whether you’ve been in a recent accident, need considerable transmission repairs, or your car is not road-legal, give us a call and we’ll tow it over!

    Towing can often be an incredible expense. It can also be difficult to arrange for a tow to a garage with the services you’re looking for. When you choose to work with our company, we sympathize with your position and the stress most people face when they require a tow. For your convenience, we can handle the tow to our garage for a reasonable price. We work hard to arrive as quickly as possible. As a reputable garage, we’re also a place where you know you’ll get a great deal on parts and labor as well as a quick turnaround on repairs. With over 50 years of combined experience in the industry, we can offer these high quality services at a low cost to the customer. We are also licensed and insured to offer towing.

    Ann Arbor drivers may need a tow at any time, in any place. We have open availability weekdays and weekends to help get your car from where you are to our garage. For your convenience, you can accompany the driver in the truck’s cab to our location to speak with us about your needs and expectations for turnaround. If you need towing, Ann Arbor technicians from Briarwood Auto Care are able to help you. Call now for a tow or if you’d like to inquire about estimates for repairs beforehand. We look forward to taking your call and helping you in your time of need.

    Towing Pricing: $65 and 5.00 per mile

    Prices may vary in unique circumstances or rare models or frozen bolts.

    Our Equipment


    • Light Medium and Heavy Duty Tow Trucks
    • Light and Heavy Duty Flatbeds


    • 75-Ton Rotator
    • Air Cushion Recovery Units
    • Heavy Duty Hydraulic Wreckers

    Specialized Service Equipment

    • Lowboy and Detached Trailers
    • Battery Van
    • Semi Tractor and Trailers
    • Front End Loader, Forklift, Hi-Lo

    Our Services

    24-Hour Road Service  

    Lockouts, Jump Starts, Flat Tires, Stuck Calls


    • Cars, Trucks, Busses, Recreational Vehicles, Motorcycles
    • Local and Long Distance

    24-Hour Recovery

    Uprighting, Lifting, Hauling and Moving Any Vehicle or Object

    • 75-Ton Rotator
    • Air Cushion Recovery

    Specialized Services

    • Load Shifts
    • Equipment Moving
    • Vehicle and Equipment Storage